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Installing a fence is not an easy task. Thinking about it superficially, you might assume that you are pretty capable of the seemingly simple tasks of digging a hole for your fence posts then fitting and installing them. In reality, it is not that simple. 

Even the things as basic as measurements are very sensitive in this undertaking. One simple mistake can mean a fatal blunder. 

Fences are more than just walls

Nowadays, fences are more than just walls that divide or barriers that set the delineation of one property from another. They are now almost as crucial as your foundation. These days, no property ever seems finished if no appropriate fence has been put in place. More than just separating your land from that of others, fences now hold more value than ever. They are now investments when it comes to home exterior designs.
Aside from making your home or commercial property more appealing, your investment towards having a fence installed is also important in terms of adding curb appeal. Because fences have been more crucial than ever, the demand for
fence contractors have increased in Seattle

To cater to your fence installation needs in Seattle

The right fence for a residential property in a suburban community will be very much distinct from that of a commercial property in the roadside. This is why we, at the Seattle Fence Company makes it our priority to cater to your fence installation needs in Seattle.

Prior to starting any of our projects, we make sure that we are at the same page as our clients to help optimize the unique features of every fence. Fence installation is a property modification activity.
Hence, every important step must be handled with care. To ensure this, we undergo careful evaluation and thorough preparation to see to it that we meet the demands of our clients in every possible way. We know that each property owner has varying priorities, preferences, and financial capabilities. To answer the needs of as many happy clients as possible, we at The Seattle Fence Company makes sure that a wide array of fence types and materials are available to suit every unique need. 

We used the most efficient tools and techniques to help us in our work.

We, at the Seattle Fence Company, are a team of fence builders in Seattle easily reachable at 206-984-9277. Behind us are nearly two decades of service to our countless happy patrons. Part of our commitment to this service and this industry is keeping up with not only the trends, but the technological developments in the fencing business from which our clients may benefit from. We constantly seek the latest, most efficient tools and techniques to help us in our work. We also update our listing of new materials and catalog of new models of gate operators. 

Now that fences became important beyond being just walls and barriers, many people have given considerable priority on its ability to beautify your home exterior. In this way, fences are more than functional structures.

If you are looking for a fence company in Seattle, look no further. The Seattle Fence Company has your needs covered. Call us at 206-984-9277.

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Our Experience

From our many years of experience, we have learned that costing has been a very crucial factor in having a fence installed in Seattle. If you want a free estimate, you can easily call us at 206-984-9277.

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We Have Many Variety of Fences

Moreover, we have many kinds of fences available for every budget range. In this way, we see to it that fences are not only available for those who have enormous budgets. Instead, it can be accessible to all those who need them.

Vinyl Fence Installation

Nowadays, we have the option of choosing non-traditional fence materials for our fence projects. The various technological advancements in our time allowed the production of these materials. These novel materials improved upon what is lacking from the traditional fencing materials we have. One of these is vinyl, also known as polyvinyl chloride, or popularly abbreviated as PVC.Polyvinyl chloride is a type of a synthetic polymer that has been designed in laboratories prior to manufacturing.

SimTek Fence Installation

Nowadays, we have many fencing material alternatives aside from conventional ones. Other than wood and metal, we now have different kinds of newly developed materials which are now popular among fence builders. This is the result of the fast-paced developments in innovation and technology. Because property owners and fence companies already know the attributes that make a certain material ideal for fencing, manufacturing companies strived to meet these standards.

Steel and Aluminum Fence Installation Seattle

In any industrial activity, metal has always been a prime choice. From building foundations, to window frames, scaffolding, and fences, almost every construction project you see will benefit from this very durable and very versatile material. Because of the persistent need for metal especially in our modern times, many manufacturers have ventured into developing new types of metal that are more suitable for most construction activities and are more durable and long-lasting than the traditional metals we know.

1) Do you Offer Free Estimates?

Yes, we do provide free estimates for whatever type of project, big or small, residential, or commercial. We, at the Seattle Fence Company understands that having an estimate computed prior to starting a project is very important to clients of all types. Basically, we are one call away from giving you your free estimate. Contact us, and we will have a few members of our team over to your site to get some measurements. Based on these measurements and other specifics for your project, our team at the office will do the estimation. Call us at 206-984-9277 to get your free estimate. 

2) How soon you can Install my Fence?

Many factors can affect how soon a fence installation project can be started. This is the reason why the range for every project may vary considerably. At the very shortest, the range is at around two to four weeks. In some cases, an allowance of additional two to three weeks is expected. For a project that does not need meticulous fabrication and numerous permits, the fence can be installed as soon as possible, which is usually within two to four weeks. If much fabrication and complicated permits are required, expect the project to be started within five to six weeks.

3) How long will my fence Installation take?

While a little waiting time must be anticipated from ordering the fence to installation, the process of installation itself is much quicker. The standard time frame we follow at the Seattle Fence Company for the installation is just one week. Within this week, the working days are separated by a few non-working days. The in-between days are crucial in the process because it allows some materials like cement to dry in settle. These are important steps that cannot be rushed and must always be considered. Expect an additional two to three weeks if your project is quite big and extensive. 

4) Will you obtain a Fence permit for my Project?

Yes, we are going to secure all permits needed for your project. While many people may dismiss this as unnecessary paperwork, it is actually a very important process to undergo which makes sure that future problems during fence installation and even after. Local governments can get stringent in terms of property modification activities such as that with fence installations. While we, at the Seattle Fence Company will facilitate the acquisition of these permits, we cannot complete this undertaking without your cooperation. Contact us directly at 206-984-9277 and we will give you the complete list of requirements needed from you to secure these permits.

5) What types of fencing materials do you install?

Your needs, considerations, and budget allocation are important to us. We offer a great variety of fence materials for all needs to make sure that you get the right fence installed. We have a comprehensive discussion of each and every fence type and material we offer at our services page. But to summarize, we offer fences from these materials: chain link, brick, steel, wood, aluminum, vinyl (PVC), and SimTek or polyethylene. These materials are usually available in different subtypes. For example, you may choose a vinyl privacy fence or a vinyl ornamental fence. The same is true for other materials like wood.