Back Stops Installation Seattle

Sports, particularly baseball remains to be one of America’s favorite pastime. Many are simply sports fans. Others are keen on supporting a team from their hometown. Still, others themselves are sports enthusiasts who also play the sport themselves. Whatever kind of baseball fan you are, this sport will always have a special place in your heart for many reasons. And as a baseball fan, nothing is more exciting than watching games live at the ballparks and baseball stadiums.


If you are one of those people who frequent the baseball stadiums, it is possible that you have noticed those tall fences that encircle the edges of the playing fields. Since they are tall and visible, it would be difficult not to notice them. One of its primary purposes is it keeps the balls inside the field when the games are still ongoing. Why is it so important to keep the balls inside?

This is to keep the people around safe. This includes the players, the spectators, and the passersby outside.

When it comes to having back stops installed, it is important that you have choices. At the Seattle Fence Company, we offer different types of materials for this purpose. Among the popular materials we offer is chain link and vinyl-coated fabric. To guide you in choosing, here are some descriptions for each material.

Netting or Vinyl-Coated Fabric

Relatively, netting material or vinyl-coated fabric is somehow a thin material. Contrary to popular belief, the thinness of this material is actually an advantage. Visually, the unique benefit of this is it offers an unobstructed view. Even if it is thin, it is still durable enough to withstand impacts. Moreover, it has an extra advantage for ease of configuration.

Chain Link

Chain links can be used almost anywhere. Backstops are not an exception.

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