Cages & Enclosures Installation Seattle

Both cages and enclosures are practical for many reasons. There can be used for a variety of functions. Most of the time, they are mainly used for storage purposes. There are different types of cages and enclosures to answer to any need. Each one is tailored and customized to suit what purpose it was intended for. Some popular choices of cages and enclosures are safety enclosures, tools and equipment cages, batting cages, and locker cages.

It is not uncommon to find cages and enclosures made from interlinked steel. Sometimes, chain link material is also used. Whichever specific design it is, the usual configuration of cages and enclosures is a mesh of steel wires. It is usually open to prevent trapping of moisture inside. However, the spaces between the wires are small enough to prevent tampering or theft of the materials stored.

Metal is always the best choice as far as materials for cages and enclosures is concerned. Some examples of metals made into wires include steel. In some cases, galvanized steel is also used for added durability. The best choice of material may still vary depending on your requirements.

Some of the examples of cages and enclosure we offer are listed below. There are also brief descriptions of each for your convenience.CAGES ENCLOSURES

Batting cage

Sometimes, batting cages are also referred to as batting tunnels. What this can offer is mainly a safely confined space where players of baseball or softball can practice batting without worrying about hitting people or buildings close by.

Tools and Equipment cages

If you need something to securely store your tools, equipment, and other machinery, it is a wise choice to choose tools and equipment cages made from steel.

Locker cages

Some of the materials commonly stored are sports gear, technological equipment and even evidence that needs to be properly secured.

Safety enclosures

Very often installed for trampolines.

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