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The purposes and requirements property owners would have for their fences may vary on the basis of their location. Depending on where your property is situated, your fence needs may differ as well. For instance, the fence concerns and priorities of a residential property owner in a suburban community may be very different from the needs of someone who has a commercial property near the side of the road. Particularly, the suburban property owner may prioritize having privacy and at the same time, an aesthetically pleasing exterior. On the other hand, the commercial property owner near the roadside might put safety first before thinking about appeal and privacy concerns.

Why is safety a major issue for roadside properties? The obvious reason is that these properties may be involved in road accidents especially in the instances that fast-moving vehicles veer away from the road.

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These derailed vehicles may go out of control and accidentally ram into the properties on the roadside. If there are people in these properties, they may also be involved as a casualty in the mishap. To prevent any of these unfortunate happenings, we suggest that you have a guard rail installed for your roadside property. It can help stop or slow down these fast-moving vehicles to prevent damaging your homes or injuring people.  The Seattle Fence Company offers mainly three different types of guard rails.

Three-strand cable

This is the basic guard rail model which is also inexpensive. However, it may not be able to stop heavy, fast-moving vehicles.

Wood guard rails

High grade lumber can easily stop moving vehicles, but may be significantly damaged after, requiring replacement.

Steel guard rails

This is a little pricier, but this confers the best protection and can be repaired after a wreckage.  

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