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Nowadays, we have many fencing material alternatives aside from conventional ones. Other than wood and metal, we now have different kinds of newly developed materials which are now popular among fence builders. This is the result of the fast-paced developments in innovation and technology. Because property owners and fence companies already know the attributes that make a certain material ideal for fencing, manufacturing companies strived to meet these standards.


Among the many good options for fencing material today is the SimTek Fence. in other places, this is also referred to as Allegheny or Sherwood Fences. You might have already seen stone wall-like fences that are not actually made of stones. These are Simtek fences. They are made from polyethylene, which is a synthetic material and a form of durable plastic. Even if they are not actually produced from stone, the versatility of the material made it possible to produce fences with this classic yet elegant appearance.


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When people learn that SimTek is a type of plastic, they have reservations about it, thinking that SimTek can easily break or crumble. Contrary to this, polyethylene is actually very durable and can withstand forceful impacts. It is also resistant to harsh weather conditions. This is because the polyethylene in SimTek has been engineered and modified to make it suitable as fencing material.

In terms of aesthetic value, the signature appearance of a stone wall which SimTek offers is very popular among property owners. Aside from the pleasant appearance of this stone wall look, property owners are free to modify and customize the “stones” into shapes, layouts, and colors that suit their preferences.

If you need another reason to choose SimTek, try comparing it with a traditional fence like wood. Unlike wood, you would not have to worry about SimTek being damaged by bugs.

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