Steel & Aluminum Fence Installation Seattle

In any industrial activity, metal has always been a prime choice. From building foundations, to window frames, scaffolding, and fences, almost every construction project you see will benefit from this very durable and very versatile material.

Because of the persistent need for metal especially in our modern times, many manufacturers have ventured into developing new types of metal that are more suitable for most construction activities and are more durable and long-lasting than the traditional metals we know. Steel and aluminum are among the results of these developments.

Previously, the most popular among traditional metals is iron. It was durable enough for most functions. However, somehow, it could not really stand the test of time as it can suffer from rusting on prolonged use.

Steel and aluminum were developed in response to the limitations of iron. They were designed to be even tougher and more durable than iron already is. Moreover, if you are a fan of classic intricate designs, both steel and aluminum have the option of being crafted into ornamental fences. With these, steel and aluminum truly became topnotch options for fencing materials for those who prefer something that is both durable and beautiful at the same time.

The Seattle Fence Company offers you the choice of either steel or aluminum for your fence projects. While these modern metals are both premium materials, choosing between them can still be a chore. To guide you, here are some important attributes of each.

In terms of durability, both are superior when compared to traditional fence materials like wood. However, steel, especially galvanized ones may be a tier tougher than aluminum. Both metals look elegant aesthetically. If you prefer a glossy finish, aluminum is ideal for you. In terms of rusting, aluminum is practically resistant to corrosion. Steel may rust but this can be prevented with a chemical coating.

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