Vinyl Fence Installation Seattle

Nowadays, we have the option of choosing non-traditional fence materials for our fence projects. The various technological advancements in our time allowed the production of these materials. These novel materials improved upon what is lacking from the traditional fencing materials we have. One of these is vinyl, also known as polyvinyl chloride, or popularly abbreviated as PVC.


Polyvinyl chloride is a type of a synthetic polymer that has been designed in laboratories prior to manufacturing. When compared to conventional fence materials such as wood, the advantages are obvious. PVC is more resistant to environmental damages including decomposition.


Another reason which makes vinyl standout is its extraordinary toughness. This allows them to last for many years despite harsh weather conditions and exposure to elements like heat and rain. They can survive without the need for meticulous intensive treatment and maintenance measures. Moreover, they do not easily break when subjected to forces like collisions and impacts.

Among the many advantages of vinyl is that it is very low maintenance. This type of fence requires no tedious processes like repainting or treatment with potentially toxic chemicals. This is a very important advantage which sets it apart from a traditional fence material. For example, wood. Related to this, vinyl is not attractive to bugs, putting at almost no risk for insect-induced damages.

The only maintenance activity you would probably need for your vinyl fence is cleaning. However, it would take no more than a regular garden hose to make it look good as new. If there is some staining, a regular household detergent and a cleaning sponge can get the job done. With vinyl fences, maintenance is a no-frills, hassle-free activity.

Vinyl fences are available in many types. This includes privacy vinyl fences, ornamental vinyl fences, and contemporary vinyl picket fences.

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